Jacques brel - jacques brel zingt

As a first name, Jacques is often phonetically converted to English as Jacob , Jake (from Jacob ), or Jack . Jack , from Jankin , is usually a diminutive of John but it can be used also as a short form for many names derived from "Jacob" like "Jacques". For example In french "Jacky" is used as a very popular nickname for "Jacques", in Dutch "Jack" is a pet form for Jacob or Jacobus with the other nicknames Sjaak, Sjaakie or Jaak; in swedish we have "Jacke" for "Jacob/Jakob" and in german "Jackel" or "Jockel" for "Jakob". ( [3] )

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Jacques Brel - Jacques Brel ZingtJacques Brel - Jacques Brel ZingtJacques Brel - Jacques Brel ZingtJacques Brel - Jacques Brel Zingt