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Kutomo / anonymeye - split

SEKTOR 304 - SOUL CLEANSING (CD by Malignant Records)
Texas label Malignant Records has a strong focus in the darker and more extreme areas of the electronic scene in their catalogue of releases. Present album is no exception. A couple of days ago I watched Pascal Laugier's price-winning and shockingly extreme movie "Martyrs"; a tale depicting extreme human behavior and depravity. As I shortly after listened to the debut "Soul cleansing" from Portugal's Sektor 304, I was brought in similar worlds of extremity and sheer darkness. In comparison to earlier reviewed titles from Malignant Records, Sektor 304's "Soul cleansing" doesn't move to the extremely harsh expressions of the contemporary noise or power electronics-scene. The extremity of the album more likely is based in the dark and destructive atmospheres. Sector 304 creates hardcore Industrial in similar territories to Godflesh (circa "Streetcleaner"), Saw Throat and Scorn meaning industrial noises and drones added guttural growls and painful guitar distortions. With "Soul cleansing" Malignant Records makes a step towards the metal-based Industrial scene with an excellent album that could be this decade's edition of Godflesh's "Streetcleaner". This is black art in its most beautiful form! (Niels Mark)
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